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Earn To Die

About Earn To Die


Earn To Die is a free driving and upgrading game in which you must navigate your automobiles through a zombie apocalypse while eliminating zombies.

As you go through the game, you'll unlock new automobiles that you may modify to become the most excellent zombie-slaying machines!

Are you ready to spend the rest of your life behind the wheel? The famous online game series has been rebuilt and re-engineered just for mobile and tablet devices, making it bigger and better than ever!
You're stranded in the desert, surrounded by zombies. Your goal becomes apparent quickly: drive through hordes of zombies to escape alive! With only a beat-up car and a little sum of money at your disposal, your mission becomes clear: go through swarms of zombies to run... alive!

Features in Earn To Die:

  • New STORY MODE transports you around the United States on the zombie apocalypse day.
  • Many fantastic vehicles, including race cars, lorries, and even school buses!
  • MANY OPTIONS FOR UPGRADE! It's not enough to unlock just one automobile; you'll want to personalize each one with a variety of improvements.
  • There was a swarm of ZOMBIES... Remember to introduce them to the bumper of your vehicle.
  • Great ragdoll physics allows you to bash zombies and make them fly!
  • Do you think you'll make it through the zombie apocalypse? In Halloween Mode, smash pumpkins.

How to play Earn To Die:

  • To get started, press W or UP.

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