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Elastic Man

About Elastic Man


Playing Elastic Man is just too much pleasure to resist the soothing feelings of stretching the face. A ball that stretches when pulled is like a man.

Due to their sweetness and supple skin, baby faces always make us want to tug and squeeze. Do you find it fascinating to squeeze a child's cheeks? Do you like playing with skin that is smooth? Please click the game's start button to spend some leisurely minutes with the stretchy face!

You are not required to complete any tasks while playing this game; you are free to do anything you like. Face cheeks should be pinched. Stretch the skin upward or downward, left or right. Circle and drag the face. There is nothing you cannot do. You may let go of his face after toying with it to appreciate your skin returning to normal. No matter how much you alter his skin, it will eventually go back to its original state. Additionally, pay attention to this guy's moving eyes. Those eyes can follow your mouse cursor and move quite freely. Particularly while using this face to play, your eyes will be pulled and fixed on the mouse pointer. So fascinating!

Aside from that, the lips, nose, and ears will also amuse us. They seem both adorable and humorous. Additionally, they will inexorably deform each time you alter the character's facial features. The ears are adorable, the mouth is usually open, and the nose is little. You may have a nice relaxing time thanks to all these aspects.

The skin's mobility is one of the game's highlights. When you tug or squeeze the face repeatedly, the face will eventually return with intriguing skin motions. The way the face moves reminds me of ocean waves.

The mechanics of this game are quite basic. Simply move and manipulate the character's face using the mouse. Use your mouse to click and drag to play this game. To put the face back in its original position, let go of the mouse. Due to its straightforward gaming principles, user-friendly controls, and appeal to players of all ages.

How to play Elastic Man:

  • Use the mouse to stretch to return

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