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Endless Siege

About Endless Siege


Endless Siege is a very thrilling endless tower defense game. Use your thinking ability to arrange weapons to destroy those who want to attack your target.

Build a variety of towers of defense at key strategic areas to repel attacks from besieging foes. You may make the towers into more powerful troops by leveling them up and upgrading them. Test your ability to hold out through as many waves as possible before being overtaken by a swarm of vicious animals. This game was designed with Anuto TD in mind.

Features of the game

  • Action that is both entertaining and engrossing, but gradually devolves into mayhem
  • Every day, a new map will be introduced to the game.
  • Four defensive turrets have been upgraded in a variety of ways.
  • Countless waves of variably relentless ogres

The principles

Prepare your defenses

To participate in Endless Siege, position turrets in the empty spaces on the map. When you first begin the game, you should position these turrets close to the entryway, which is where the opponents will be entering. After you are satisfied that your defenses are ready, you may begin the game by pressing the "next wave" button.

Improve your existing arsenal.

Before and during enemy waves, you have the opportunity to level up, improve, and sell your defenses. The following are the first defensive weapons:

  • Ballista
  • Torch
  • Cannon
  • Timewarp

You won't be able to upgrade these weapons until much later in the game when you'll unlock whole new defensive towers with more cutting-edge technology. The enhanced versions of these weapons are noticeably more effective but come at a hefty financial penalty. As you are playing the early rounds, you should save aside some gold in preparation for these improvements.

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