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About Faceball


Faceball is a really fun game suitable for you to relax with your friends. Your mission is to kill all enemies with your ball to protect the green players

Strike your opponent or be struck in Faceball! Stickmen appear in two colors, and the war has two sides. You are equally stubborn on both sides of this debate. So, let's see who comes out on top in this war and becomes the famous stickman!

In this stickman game, your main aim is to overcome your opponents. Your weapon, on the other hand, isn't especially deadly. Only one bouncy ball will be used to attack your opponent in this game. Knowing how to arrange your stickmen and aim correctly is the key. As you determine how to set your aim, keep an eye on the help arrows on the screen between the stickmen. Keep in mind that the aim arrows on both sides have been adjusted to correspond. So, try to strike your opponent while keeping the arrow from your opponent out of your body! Let's see whether you can triumph in this classic combat!

How to play Faceball:

  • To rotate the character, drag it. Shoot with your index finger up.

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