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Falling Lovers

About Falling Lovers


Falling Lovers is a particularly interesting game when you will be the one to help the beautiful character meet her lover. Overcoming challenges

Allow the lovers to come together in Falling Lovers! We know you like the wonderful sensation of affection. And we know you'll go to any length to please two lovers. Now is your chance to shine and show us what you're capable of when it comes to true love!

This game consists of 36 stages and is a puzzle game. You'll be attempting to bring our two tiny loves together on all of these levels. These two sweethearts are lovely pink and blue squares. Regrettably, they are perched on top of separate shelves that are separated by a considerable distance. You must find the perfect technique to move the shelves in order to move the boxes toward each other on all thirty levels. Please don't drop our tiny cuties off the shelves, and don't let them come into contact with any potentially damaging sharp edges. Use your cursor to move the movable shelves and slide one box closer to the other by clicking on the screen. Let's see if you can see them happily in love for the first time!

How to play Falling Lovers:

  • To rotate the cups, click and drag. Rotate the cups by touching and dragging them.

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