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Fancy Pants

About Fancy Pants


Start the Fancy Pants game to enjoy an exciting adventure. Use all of the stickman's skills to help him overcome all the obstacles at each level.

Unique graphics

In the fun and exciting series of 2D platform games Fancy Pants, you take control of a stick figure wearing brightly colored pants. This guy needs your help to overcome many difficult stages and face many enemies. Fancy Pants has a very fast and flexible running and jumping gait. There are plenty of achievements, outfits, hidden levels, secrets, and more to find in these imaginative and intricately crafted levels. This game is loved for its great graphics and animations. In addition, it also has many entertaining and humorous situations.


You will control the character Fancy Pants Man to sprint, jump, kick, slash, and interact with the surrounding environment to conquer levels.


  • Left or right arrow key: Used to move left and right.
  • S key: to jump.
  • Up arrow key: Use to interact with items, such as doors.
  • Down arrow key: Sit down
  • Use the spacebar to pause the game.

Some tips for implementing character skills

The down arrow key allows you to slide while sitting on curves. This will help you move faster and overcome barriers. If you jump while running, your jump will be higher. If you jump while in the air, you can also double jump.

By jumping up and using the down arrow key, you can kick your opponent. If you've collected enough ink, you can also use it to slash your opponents.

To change Fancy Pants Man's appearance, you can collect various costumes and headwear. They are located in hidden places or behind mysterious doors.

You can find hearts to boost your health, while gold trophies can boost your score. Additionally, cookies are available to unlock difficult levels.

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