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Feller 3D

About Feller 3D


You will become a dream logger when participating in our Feller 3D game. This is a game that allows you to perform full operations such as chopping, sawing...

Transform into a genuine logger! Cut down trees, cut them into timber, remove the bark, and build some of the most gorgeous homes you can imagine out of them. Choose the atmosphere and design of the home that appeals to your sense of style and personal taste. Become an expert at logging by clearing the land of all trees using your knowledge and the many instruments at your disposal. Start with a small area of forest, determine which trees would be the most productive to down, then go further by developing innovative and effective methods of eradication. After that, put all of your hard work and the wood you've acquired to good use by spectacular homes that will blow the minds of loggers everywhere!

Fun elements

  • Obtaining access to valuable stuff. You will unlock additional tools and methods of felling trees as you continue through the game. Are you going to utilize the dependable axe you've had for years, or would you rather have a motorized disintegrator?
  • Tasks that are based on one's abilities. To clear the forest, just follow the patterns and the orders that appear on the screen.
  • Custom house decoration Construct and embellish your very own unique dwellings with the wood you've amassed.
  • Relaxation and Pleasure Enjoy the Lumberjack Simulator as you take a break from your duties.

The principles

You will be given wood to cut at the beginning of each level using various saws, machines, and other types of equipment. Most of the time, all you will need to use to interact with these instruments is your mouse, and you will need to hold it down to power through the material, chop it up, and complete the level. Even while each new level presents a greater obstacle to overcome, playing it also becomes more enjoyable; this trend is consistent throughout all of our games and can never be reversed.

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