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Fierce Shot


About Fierce Shot


Are you a fan of genuine football? If the answer is yes, then Fierce Shot is a game that is sure to bring you many hours of exciting entertainment.

With Fierce Shot secure your spot in the football competition in an anime world! Gain cash and skill points, compete against daring foes, go on in the tournament, and see whether you can reach the finals! Discover amazing attacks to defeat your opponents on the playing field and showcase your prowess!

With these obstacles, you may advance through an anime football competition! This match will not be like any previous matches you have attended, so keep your legs warm and your senses wide open. Despite the fact that your opponents may be experts, your shots are unmatched. Draw a path for the ball while keeping an eye on your opponent's positioning on the pitch. You may use a curve to deceive your adversary. Stay away from the other players and keep an eye on the countdown below. The shots that are successful fill the power shot bar above, boosting your subsequent shoots. To learn how to use that talent, you may watch the in-game tutorial. By winning matches, you may get skill points to increase your talents in the profile menu. To unlock all talents, be ready for the cups and competitions, keep up with the news, and win them all! Utilize your special talents to their fullest and finish the task!

Release Date

  • January 2, 2023


  • Gameloft SE developed Fierce Shot.


  • Vivid 2S graphics
  • Easy controls
  • Addictive gaming with competitions and events
  • Unlockable improvements

How to play

  • To kick the ball, draw curved lines.

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