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Flappy Bird


About Flappy Bird


Flappy Bird is a game that once stirred up all game lovers around the world, so far this game is still as hot as ever. How many columns can you fly confidently?

Flappy Bird is an exciting skill game that came on our website in the 2-player games category, where you will notice two Flappy Birds, one yellow and one pink, which I like since it is Valentine's Day. The aim is to reach as far as possible in order to get more points and become one of the finest players in the world at this skill game with birds. The two birds go on a perilous voyage together, and you must assist them in getting as far as possible. Although it seems easy, don't jump to conclusions since the game is rather challenging, and you'll need a partner to fly with because two birds are the only way you'll get away. To fly with the yellow bird, use the up arrow, and to fly with the pink bird, use the space bar. Give it your all to get to the top among the finest players, since you are the only one who can show the world what you are capable of.

How to play Flappy Bird:

  • Click to let your bird fly through the openings

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