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Fleeing the Complex

About Fleeing the Complex


Fleeing the Complex is a game you definitely can't refuse if you're a conqueror. Help Henry escape the snowy mountain prison complex. Let's conquer.

The Wall is placed on a snow-covered mountain where the game is set. The world's most dangerous convicts reside there. It also houses Henry, the main character and a known felon. Right now, he needs your assistance.

Playing the game involves choosing the right items, such as gravity, grenade, or sniper, to aid Henry in escaping from The Wall jail. for example, adrenaline. The worst yet sharpest criminals in the world are housed at this prison complex. He must make a number of crucial choices after he discovers a means to get out of jail. You will act as his brain and make the wise choices necessary to either defeat or elude the guards. Given the time constraints, the selections should be selected as swiftly and rationally as possible. To choose an option, click on it with the mouse. You may pick the option, action, or tool you wish to use by clicking on it on the screen when the game first starts.

What alternatives are available to you?

There are many alternatives available for free. Here are a few common choices:

  • Boost Up: Ellie, who is awaiting a transfer to her cell, notices a hatch in the ceiling and assists Henry in getting to the hatch and via a vent after noticing the
  • opening. Henry chose to join her in breaking out of jail after she assisted him. Together, the two inmates work to escape the awful jail.
  • Henry engages Grigori in a charging tackle before sprinting to the end of the hallway and attempting to elude the Wall.
  • While waiting for the transfer, Henry may find and utilize several things that will help him escape from his current cell. This signifies he needs further assistance, which he may get by calling an ally on a Wall guard's phone.
  • Play Dead: To trick the guards, Henry poses as being dead. After then, he will be released from custody.

You may choose any of the four branches on the map to begin formulating an escape strategy from the jail. Before making a decision, thoroughly weigh all your possibilities. Because making wise decisions requires observation of the environment, this might help you develop your cognitive abilities. To have fun and feel the excitement, play the game whenever you have spare time.

Developer: Puffballs This game, the fifth in the Henry Stickmin series, was created by United. It was first made available on November 12, 2015.

Advice on How to Leave the Complex:

A few choices are shown at the conclusion of the countdown. If you didn't choose the right answer the first time, you may try again.

How to get all of the game's medals:

  • Rank GI: From left to right, whoopee cushions to power jumps, balloons, helium, leaves, and dinghy are your alternatives.
  • The following buttons must be clicked in order to get the rank PD: charge tackle, acrobatics, item, lower middle guy, truck, slam, then wait.
  • Boost up, up, synchronized takedown, the force, sniper rifle + taser, throw, make a face, then click the far-right arrow to choose the motorcycle are the steps you should do in order to get rank CA.
  • Rank IRO: These choices must be made in the following order: wait for the transfer, laser aircraft, government, flash, little helicopter, up, and finally choose the person on the far left.
  • Rank TB: Select the following buttons in the following order: laser aircraft, topped clan, drill pod, sick ride, and wait for the transfer.
  • Team Kredit 2: If you want to get this medal, don't skip credits.
  • Try to acquire every other medal to get Master of The Wall.
  • Golden Boy: Acquiring all 60 distinct failed animations is required to get this medal.
  • You must fail 101 different times while playing to get the medal 101 Failmations.
  • Patron of Tunes: To get this rating, you must hear a song that is referenced in the credits.
  • Rise and shine: To understand it, you must awaken and smell the snow.
  • Nailed It: You will get this rating if Henry stuck the landings.

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