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Description is a survival game that is loved by many people because of its novelty and the exploitation of interesting biological knowledge when playing.

The multiplayer survival game was once known as As you consume more food, you will level up compared to when you were a small fly. Other players join you in your diet as you grow. A new special power-up and additional food are available at each level. You can fly or you can perish.

How to play

Consume the foods and animals shown in green. You will be eaten by creatures with a red outline, so stay away! Hundreds of gamers will be competing with you for survival, so be sure to keep moving and eating. You'll need lots of water to live, so keep an eye on your water level as well.

Special Skills

Each animal will have a distinct power that is of its own as you go through the game. You can speed up the game by using that particular power. As a fly, you'll have "beginner's luck" when you first start out. You now have a 50% chance of escaping a predator's assault. Make the most of the particular talents.

Gaming Levels

There are 45 distinct animal species and 8 evolutionary phases in EvoWorld. You battle your way through the animal world starting as a lowly fly.

Demons, legendary creatures, cosmic beings, and the undead may be encountered once you've defeated all the common animals. At the very top of the food chain, the grim reaper kills victims with a scythe.


Via 45 distinct animal species, evolve
Either go into space or go underground
Several biomes in which to play
Multiplayer games


Avoid lingering in one spot for too long.
Make the most of your exceptional talents.
Get into the sky and hide from the predators.
Take in a lot of water.

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