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Description is a certain game not to be missed because the appeal of this game will make you fall in love. Your mission is to suck everything you come across

In, you may take part in an extraterrestrial invasion, command a strong spacecraft, and obliterate cities all over the world! The idea of the game is to take in pedestrians, automobiles, trees, and other items in order to gain power and ultimately be able to take on even bigger objects, such as shopping centres and residential buildings. Since a highly developed UFO poses no harm to people, the challenge comes from other players. To win, devour as much as you can before they do and develop into the most effective destroyer at the conclusion of the 2-minute round.'s gameplay is easy to learn yet very difficult at times. Simply place your flying saucer over the target and wait for it to be instantly absorbed to pull someone or something in. You will then notice some more points added to your progress meter as soon as that occurs. To level up and become larger and stronger, fill it all the way. However, bear in mind that your competitors—other players in charge of the opposing alien ships—will find the method to be just as simple. Even though you are now at the top of the leaderboard, anything may happen at any time, and you might quickly fall to the bottom of the list. The ability to assault other players is also available, however doing so requires that you be a certain size. If you don't, you can wind yourself assaulting a stronger opponent and dying as a consequence.

How to play has extremely simple controls: just click and drag the mouse pointer in the direction you want your UFO to fly, and it will follow. To fly in the desired direction, you may also utilize the keyboard by using the WASD or arrow keys. Since the gameplay is so simple, your sole advantage is planning your path ahead of time, growing steadily, and avoiding time wastage. Small shrubs, park chairs, and garbage cans are good places to start. Next, move on to automobiles, and finally smaller structures. You will soon be able to swallow even the tallest buildings and rule the whole map. is best played in a web browser. Visit the game's page on Kevin Games to get started without having to download or install anything. This book is available for free on our website and may be accessed from any device with an internet connection. Can you instil dread in the hearts of people by rising to the position of the greatest alien overlord? Join a fast game to find out!

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