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About Fowlst


Fowlst is an action game designed to be simple but extremely attractive. Transform into a special flying chicken that uses its flying ability to destroy enemies.

In the video game Fowlst, you play the role of a leaping chicken, and the purpose of the game is to rescue the planet by defeating various monsters. If you tap the left or right edges of the screen, you will hop to the left or right side of the screen, accordingly. Dodge gunfire, stomp on enemies, and collect stuff, then do the process over again! There are vast levels that are produced procedurally for the player to conquer, enormous bosses that they must vanquish, and a variety of different gadgets and gizmos for the player to engage with. There are hazardous obstacles, such as spiked wheels, as well as attractive features, such as subterranean pipes, that could be of use to you in the heat of battle. Your adversaries will also drop cash and life, both of which will come in useful to increase your chances of eradicating evil and help you take control of the situation. Prepare to pick up your adversaries like chickens!

How to play

  • Move left - A or Left Arrow
  • Move Right - D or Right Arrow
  • Use power - W or Up Arrow


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