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Description is an exciting new game that is sure to be your first new experience. Get ready for a jump and fast-paced browser capture. Can you win?

This is a game unlike any other you've ever seen. There's nowhere to go but up in this game, so leap, stick your tongue out, and blast your way through waves of bad men, bad guys, and even some good ones. is a fun, free game that will have you reaching for the sky and climbing as high as you can.

The game includes an adventure mode in which you ride a frog and shoot enormous cannons while trying to stay alive and return to the surface. You'll unlock new powers, weapons, challenges, and the ability to take on more difficult creatures as you go.
With massive leaps, a frog tongue that doubles as a Hookshot, and armament that may blow you away, Frogiddy encourages players to develop their own technique of bouncing, smashing, and blasting around the screen.
The weapon system is from allows you to combine different components to change how your weapon functions. Is there any way to make things worse? Constant-fire? This game includes bouncing bullets, weapon propulsion, explosions, and more.

How to play

  • In, you may play the game your way: harvest upgrades for your next frog life, or sacrifice your froggy life for extra bonuses and try to destroy bosses.
  • Your ascent is determined by a variety of customized obstacles, and it will alter as you earn new things and content.
  • The game is still being developed; new weaponry, equipment, opponents, and other features are being added all the time. Do you have a great idea? It's possible that it'll make it into the game!

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