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G-Switch 3


About G-Switch 3


G-Switch 3 is a fast-paced action game that challenges all players to achieve the ultimate goal of this game. Do you have the courage and confidence to conquer?

We are able to stay on our planet and not go into space because of gravity. You may own one of those devices you see in many sci-fi movies with G-Switch 3, the third game in the renowned gravity-defying adventure game series! Put on your anti-gravity boots and prepare for an exciting journey. Navigate the levels by clicking to change gravity, avoiding obstacles, and hopping on platforms to attempt to finish them. This will be a hard voyage, so we hope you can handle the continual fluctuation in gravity! Start playing right away while keeping your hands on the anti-gravity button and your eyes on the course.

At first, glance, changing gravity can seem like a good idea, but the results of doing so might be terrible. You will need to make rapid judgments throughout the stages to prevent certain death by falling into gaps, drifting away into the air, or being captured in numerous traps. Avoiding these scenarios is your goal as the player as you work to finish each level. You will go through laser beams that serve as checkpoints in each level; after dying, you may continue from these spots. The game's controls are rather straightforward. Press the left mouse button or the space bar to alter your gravity and go to the next platform when you reach the end of one. Here, timing is crucial because if you don't click at the right moment, your character will fall and perish. You will run into a variety of obstacles in various stages, including platforms with complex shapes and spiky wheels. In addition to the standard gaming mode, you may also experience the endless mode, in which your goal is to survive as long as possible. You may attempt the multiplayer option if you wish to play with a friend. You will love playing this addicting game, regardless of your chosen mode!


  • Multiplayer mode
  • Endless mode
  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Colourful graphics

How to play G-Switch 3:

  • Control gravity with arrows up and down!

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