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Geometry Road

About Geometry Road


Geometry Road is a 3D arcade game in which you have to control a red cube on a path full of geometric obstacles. To overcome the obstacles, you can jump and move left or right. The path becomes more demanding and arduous as you go deeper. This game is available here for free web play. You can compete with your friends to see who can get the highest score. Do you like difficulties? Try to complete this game with the best score you can.


The cube can be moved using the left and right arrow keys. To jump, press the SPACEBAR key.


  • Focus on your cube and observe quickly to react in time to avoid obstacles. If you want to avoid collisions, you must move quickly and accurately.
  • Avoid jumping too high or too low, as you may lose your balance and hit the obstacles above.
  • Along the way, try to collect green blocks, as they will raise your score. Yellow cubes are also available. If you lose, they will let you play again. However, choose the perfect time to receive them to avoid missing out on other opportunities.

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