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Gold Digger FRVR


About Gold Digger FRVR


Gold Digger FRVR is an idle game that is loved by many gamers. You will transform into a professional gold digger to explore endless resources underground.

Let's enter the mine with your new pickaxe and helmet on. Play the finest mining simulator available as you explore a limitless mine full of riches, perils, and puzzles that can only be solved by a genuine mining expert.

The way of life down here in the mine is straightforward: you dig all day and all night to attempt to uncover as much gold as you can (and if you're fortunate a few hidden goodies). Gather valuable stuff, then sell it in Joe's store to raise cash for new gear for your upcoming excursion. But be cautious when digging since the boulders at the mine's depths may crush you if you don't! Find a method to connect the stones by picking your way through with your pickaxe. To link and detonate the stones, you must match three or more of the same color stones. similar to a puzzle found inside a mine.

Who knows what you may discover in the depths of this gold mine if you thoroughly search every crevice of the cave? No rock can stand in your way as you continue on your mining adventure to uncover ancient dinosaur bones, priceless gold nuggets, or even enormous diamonds!


  • Game of deep mining
  • Different things to dig
  • Purchasable enhancements
  • Single-use system


  • Arrow keys are used to move and dig.

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