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Description will definitely be a game that will not disappoint you. Transform into a mischievous duck that must eat a lot to grow up quickly

The farmer had no alternative but to confine all of the stray geese to an enclosure after they caused him irritation by stealing his belongings and causing him trouble while doing his regular tasks. The geese naturally focused their attention on one another, and today their existence is a perpetual struggle for survival.

Only a select few of the animals are able to get enough food to develop in size and acquire superior strength over other animals since there is not enough for everyone. Can you outwit your rivals and emerge as the server's most ruthless goose? instructions

Your geese will fly in the direction that your mouse is pointed. To attack and to make yourself run more quickly, click the left mouse button. In order to level up more quickly, you shouldn't boost your speed too often since it depletes your energy bar.

Eat farm produce, candies, and other items to increase your strength and lengthen your life bar. Your goose will automatically acquire benefits from the stuff it consumes. Red swords will increase your attack, medicine will replenish part of the health you may have lost in combat, and lightning can temporarily increase your speed.

That's all there is to it, really! Now join the arena and try to take control of the farm!

Numerous geese compete for food and territory in the multiplayer deathmatch game Consume as much food as you can to get advantages over your opponents and grow larger.


Mouse: All-around motion,

Attack using the right mouse button.

The left mouse button increases speed.

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