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Gun Mayhem

About Gun Mayhem


Gun Mayhem is a game that helps you experience from prehistoric to modern times. The player's task in this game is to destroy all enemies by shooting them down!

In the awesome shooting game Gun Mayhem, you engage in a gunfight with several AI opponents using the weapons you have at your disposal. In this game, you must use a range of deadly weapons to push your rivals down the cliff in order to control the terrain. Campaign and Custom Game are the two accessible game modes. Players engage in combat with AI foes in a variety of distinct settings in campaign mode. There are many different types of missions, some of which require you to engage odd foes in combat.

For your character, you may choose a firearm, headgear, clothing, and bonus. Don't worry if your initial armament consisted of a tiny, light weapon. By gaining more points, you may make it better. Once you can afford one, you'll be able to buy a real gun that fires large rounds. The more powerful the weapon, the more damage you can quickly deliver to opponents. Not only do better weaponry arrive throughout the game, but also very helpful support items. Quickly grab them and put them to good use! There can only ever be one victor at any point. Compete and demonstrate your abilities as a proficient shooter!


Playable shooting game
Free character customization
Accessible weapons
There are two game modes: campaign and custom game.

How to play

The player's only task in the game is to eliminate the adversary. The goal is to strike the adversary and send him flying off the cliffs. Shoot at them or throw bombs at them to attempt to destroy them! Keep in mind that evading your opponent's gunfire is also crucial. You may move about or leap to escape being slain by the opposition.

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