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Hawaii Match 3

About Hawaii Match 3


Hawaii Match 3 is a fun game this summer to keep you entertained. This game helps you to get rid of the lingering discomforts and enjoy the sea air

Hawaii Match 3 will take you to a tropical paradise! Now is the perfect time to try some of Hawaii's most delicious fruits and flowers. By using your puzzle skills you can enjoy opening them and collecting points. See how far you can push yourself in this adventure!

You can quickly immerse yourself in the tropical environment of this fun game. All you have to do in this puzzle game is focus and enjoy the thrill of your Hawaii trip. You have booked a table with the freshest local fruit and flowers. The object of the game is for you to collect as many fruits as possible. You must arrange these fruits and flowers in rows or columns to do so. Simply select an object and drag it to the desired location. The row or column will pop up if there are more than three items in the same item adjacent to each other. See how many levels you can go through in this fun game!

Features in Hawaii Match 3:

  • 2D vibrant graphics
  • There are many levels to finish.
  • Levels of entertainment and addiction
  • Icons of vibrant fruits and flowers

How to play Hawaii Match 3:

  • The more flowers, fruits, and other similar objects you combine with one match, the more powerful the power-ups you'll get!
  • Take a trip across Hawaii's breathtaking scenery.
  • Assist your host in removing stones and other impediments, collecting fruit, or going treasure hunting.
  • Anyone who attempts to stop you on your trip should be avoided!
  • Enjoy this lovely Match 3 game with over 2000 levels of difficulty!

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