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Hero 4 Slice Enemies

About Hero 4 Slice Enemies


For the first time you will have such a great power. Hero 4 Slice Enemies is a thrilling action game in which you fight your enemies with giant claws.

The game is set in a metropolis that has been occupied by the villain throughout the entire game. You will use your claws to cut enemies into small pieces. You take down the armored giants as quickly as possible

When an opponent is hit by a circle, all other opponents around them are injured. Even after they are injured, enemies are still a danger to you as they will continue to track and attack you. The monstrous enemies will chaotically move around the area, going in any direction they want. If you are the one who completes the mission, you will be the only one alive.

The playing instruction

  • Press the right mouse button to Throw at the target
  • Left mouse button - Throw a captured enemy
  • Mouse - Look around
  • WASD - Movement
  • Space - Jump
  • Shift - Run

Some game tips

When the player selects the spacebar, they will execute a leap that will enable them to ascend to the roof of a structure. This is an essential ability because there are opponents on the roof who will shoot at the player. In addition to this, they sprint through the streets, and the movements that they make can be observed on the map that is located in the top right portion of the screen. If they come across the player, they will begin to pursue him to harm him. To advance to the next stage, the player must eliminate a predetermined amount of foes.

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