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Hills of Steel

About Hills of Steel


Hills of Steel is an attractive fighting game. It simulates a fierce battle between tanks, mechs, and robots. Show off your tank control and cannon shooting skills.

Game modes

Hills of Steel game offers various game modes, including combat, endless, adventure, and more. Players must defeat other opponents in each game mode. Your character can use triggers to power up and upgrade his tank by collecting cash and diamonds.

You can explore and use a variety of tanks, machines, and robots in battle in the game. To increase the damage potential of your tank, you can also use features such as missile attacks, force shields, and mines.


You control your tank and must defeat enemies and overcome difficult mountainous terrain. You can modify your tank to reflect your style by unlocking different types.

Some tips

  • Each tank has its advantages and disadvantages, such as differences in speed, power, shooting ability, endurance, etc.
  • If you want to improve combat performance, you should upgrade your tank. You can buy new gun barrels, engines, shells, and other tank parts with cash and diamonds earned in the game.
  • To increase your tank's damage potential, add triggers like mines, force shields, and missile attacks. For additional activation, you should also collect energy symbols along the route.
  • When playing, you should pay attention to the terrain and any obstacles. Terrain can be used to dodge or attack enemies. It would help if you still were careful to keep your tank from tipping over or falling off a cliff.

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