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About Hobo


Hobo is a street action game that has been very familiar to many generations of gamers. This game will make you transform into a real boss.

Implement Hobo reprisal

Randomly pick fights with other homeless people as you go about the city with bystanders. Some of them may try to attack you first, while others will simply be regular people going about their business, so you'll have to track them down like a truly deranged person.

Get fresh combos

As you move through the many parts of the city, you will find fresh and unpleasant combos to inflict on various passersby. You can kick, punch, spit, vomit, and perform a variety of other disgusting behaviors. You must play the game to find out!

Take advantage of the environment by gathering garbage cans and bottles to use in battle. The game becomes harder as you go along and has a boss conclusion.


  • Fight with everybody and everyone you meet.
  • Make the difficulty level bearable.
  • As you go, get new combinations.
  • Flash games are nostalgic, so enjoy them.

How to play

  • You need a combination of the arrows and the keyboard
  • A/S key to hit
  • Arrow keys to move.

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