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Hunter Hitman

About Hunter Hitman


Hunter Hitman is a great action game that helps you satisfy your inner tiger. With just one knife show your top fighting skills to win this game.

How to play the most dramatic action game today

Put on your armor and your weapon, then take cover in one of the corners and wait for your opponents to walk into the traps you've set for them. You may lose the game with only one mistake, but if you follow the strategy carefully, you can get three stars. The objectives of the missions are rather straightforward: you must sneak up behind the adversaries and kill them one at a time while avoiding being shot yourself. When you have successfully taken down one of your foes, the others will begin to hunt you down. Do not let this frighten you; instead, plot your escape and utilize the boxes to sneak up behind the next person you want to kill. You may add more cards to your collection by either opening hourly boxes or watching brief advertisements. You may improve your character's attributes and become more resistant to potential dangers by using these cards in the appropriate way. You may also purchase new characters with greater skill stats using the money you receive from jobs and spend on jobs. Construct the optimal assassination schemes, get farther in your covert profession, and acquire the most interesting personalities!

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