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Infiltrate the Spaceship


About Infiltrate the Spaceship


One of the best action games to kill time is called Infiltrate the Spaceship. You have to help the stickman complete the quest to catch the bad guy Henry.

Can you make wise choices to help the stickman in this game accomplish his goals? Ralph the Stickman is trying to get inside a huge airship and is looking for the villainous Henry. You must use your cunning to lead him if you want to ensure he makes the proper choice and is successful.
At each game level, you are presented with a variety of options to choose from that will directly impact how Stickman progresses through the story. Would he, for instance, infiltrate inside the airship with a C4 brick? To try his luck, he may tap on the hatch or use a jug of acid. Each choice may either fail or move the player on to the next stage and has a high degree of humor and entertaining cut scenes. If you choose the erroneous answer, don't worry; you may start the task over from the beginning at any level.


  • Gameplay based on judgment
  • Wit and humor abound.
  • Several potential conclusions and solutions


  • Click the left mouse button to make your selections.

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