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About JollyWorld


The physics-based driving game called JollyWorld is extremely attractive and gives players a lot of exciting experiences. Show your driving skills.

Grab your favorite bike, explore one of the many levels that users have made, and get lost in fascinating, unique landscapes that are full of danger and surprises. Since you are at their mercy, you must carefully abide by the rules of physics if you wish to survive. To prevent trouble, ride or leap over obstacles while maintaining your balance on the bike. You'll have access to tools like the grappling hook and the Skippyball to help you in your journey. Since each level has a different atmosphere, obstacles to overcome, and objectives, JollyWorld is like a hundred different games combined into one. Avatars should be changed frequently, other players should vote on levels, and levels should be created using the Editor.

How to play

  • After pressing the "Play" button on the main menu, a list of the levels will display choose one from the list.
  • To ride, use the arrow keys or WASD. JUMP Z RUBBERISE

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