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About JustFall.LOL


JustFall.LOL is an exciting action game in the penguin world. Your mission is to compete with other opponents. Try to be the last person standing on the ice.

Hexagonal icebergs are breaking off. You will play as a penguin and must survive until the last minute. You will need to move, jump and fly to stay standing and not be eliminated. To raise your score or take down your opponent's platforms, you can also collect support goods. Multiple game modes are available to choose from, including basic, physical, magical, and experimental variations. You can also change your penguin's appearance and outfit.

How to play

Pay attention to the penguin's color. Only icebergs that match the color of the penguin are suitable for standing. You will stumble and lose if you stand on platforms with many different colors.

Play around with different gaits. With your penguin you can jump, fly or rotate. Keyboard shortcuts can also be used to go back or change perspective.

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