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Welcome to game, the best game with a huge player base all over the world. This game helps players transform into professional assassins.

At the start of the game, you will find yourself in the middle of a chaotic Halloween celebration, and your mission is to slaughter as many people as possible. You have to take care of it in such a way that no one notices it. You can then throw the body out while it's still in the body bag. If anyone spots you, they will immediately contact the authorities and they will remove you from the area. You can then make another attempt to attend the celebration, but in the meantime, you'll lose time your competitors could use. You can then take the earned coins and use them in options to buy new costumes for your character. This will allow you to move up the scoreboard faster.

How to play

  • You use the WASD keyboard to move
  • Press the Z key to kill the target
  • Interactive key press X

The release date for this captivating game

  • In October 2019 the game is released


  • DAB3Games made this game.

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