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Linebacker Alley 2

About Linebacker Alley 2


Linebacker Alley is a sports game that has always been loved by many players. Your task is to overcome all the opponents to bring the ball to the finish line.

Linebacker Alley 2's objective is to score a touchdown by breaking through the defensive lines of your opponent as quickly as possible. With each touchdown you score, a new level will become available, and there will be more players trying to tackle you. In this iteration, you are permitted to run not just down the alley but also all the way around the field. The game is comprised of a total of 14 stages.

Have you got what it takes to write your name in the annals of history? Learn the truth! Returning kickoffs and juking linebackers are important skills to have en route to the end zone. You may gain a boost that lasts longer and lasts quicker if you upgrade you're running back. Acquire more juke movements to increase your chances of linebackers missing you and your earnings from blocking. You should begin as a Rookie and work your way up to being a Legend!

You'll be able to locate it on this website. You score points head-to-head on main levels while playing on a field that is 100 yards long. During the bonus rounds, your goal is to go as far as possible while collecting cash so that you may purchase upgrades and level up. There are a variety of upgrades available, including ones that increase blocking, spinning skills, speed, and flips. It is really challenging to come out on top. Do you believe in your ability?

How to play

  • Move - Arrow keys
  • Boost - W
  • Spin - S

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