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Little Runmo


About Little Runmo


Little Runmo is a cute and funny 2D adventure game. You play as Runmo. You explore a variety of environments, including cities, deserts, jungles, and space.

Game plot

This game is based on a short film of the same name by Gooseworx, about a round green character named Runmo. He is trapped in an unfamiliar world and needs to find his way back home. You will control Runmo and explore different areas, from forests, deserts, and cities, to space. You will meet many cute characters and monsters, as well as challenges and secrets.

Many attractive features

You will use a hat that can change shape to fight monsters. You can turn the hat into a hammer, a saw, a plane, or more. You can also use cones to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.

Some tips in the Little Runmo game

  • In this game, you need to use your thinking ability to find the safest path for Runmo. This is a big challenge for players. If you fail, you can play again and try another way.
  • Interact with everything in the game world, like objects, characters, and monsters. You will discover many secrets, details, and humor.
  • Use items wisely, like treats, gifts, and special items. You can use them to restore health, increase combat ability, or change the behavior of monsters.

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