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Long Neck Run

About Long Neck Run


Long Neck Run is a fun and popular necklace collecting running game. You will control a girl walking and collect bracelets of the same color as her.

Your task is that you will control a girl in the action game Long Neck Run. You need to collect rings of the same color. Get as many rings as possible. Remember that you should only collect bracelets that have the same color as your character. If you collect rings of different colors, the total number of rings you collect will decrease. The game is divided into several stages, each stage has its own challenges and attractive elements.


You need to pay attention to specific symbols along the way because they control your character's height. For example, scissors can make your neck shorter. It can be twisted via the wheel icon. It may bend when you see the hammer mark.

You can push yourself to the limit and get more bonus points by playing more difficult levels. When you lose, you can use diamonds to buy replays or to unlock new outfits and colors for your character.

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