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Many Bricks Breaker

About Many Bricks Breaker


Many Bricks Breaker is the most popular brick-breaking game of all time today. Your desire to win will be heightened when looking at the messy blocks.

In the game levels, your goal is to destroy millions of bricks! Each level shows a different arrangement of bricks with different colors. Each level will be harder than the previous one due to various obstacles.

You will have to think creatively and develop new approaches to complete each level of the game. At each level, the barriers will have a different configuration, shape, or location. You have to smash every brick on your way and turn them into white balls to pass each level. To catch the ball in time, you must also develop your reflexes. You will see a different colored brick block at each level. You must maneuver past obstacles that prevent you from reaching these bricks.

The white sliding platform will unleash a number of bouncing white balls if you get trapped on it. Depending on how many dots the power-up block contains, the number of balls will vary. You must shatter bricks and move them out of the path to finish stages. Keep in mind, too, that obstacles exist in a variety of shapes and sizes. You will find it challenging to shatter all the colored bricks in their presence of them. To make a difference in the game, you must have good reflexes, timing, precision, and angle.

How to play

  • Mouse or touch the screen anywhere.

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