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Money Land

About Money Land


Money Land is a game that gives you an unexpected experience. You have never had so much money, collect a lot of money to buy the things you want.

Get your hands on piles of cash to experience Money Land's wealth-based power! You've been given an empty plot of land, and your job is to fill it with life. Now, put in the effort to develop the mechanisms that will enable you to govern the new city you are creating.

You will create systems that can sustain themselves in this idle management game. You may open additional structures and unlock new areas of the land with the money you make. You can work in these buildings to increase your income. You may increase your ability to gather money, collect money quickly, or travel quickly in order to earn more money when additional buildings are unlocked. You may have to pay for this, or you might earn prizes by viewing certain adverts. Continue gathering cash to unlock new structures, but keep in mind that you can also use it to open new roads, which will allow you to expand the area you are working on. Let's test your ability to resist playing this compulsive idle game now!


  • Money Land was made by 2Play.

Launch Date

  • 5-September - 2022


  • Vibrant 3D graphics
  • Capacity and speed upgrades
  • More lands to be revealed
  • Lazy money-making method

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