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Monster Reform

About Monster Reform


Monster Reform is a survival shooting game with a level system. The monsters will get stronger with each round, your job is to shoot and kill the opponent

An aggressive 3D survival shooter game is called Monster Reform. Furious zombies attacked our city, so load your weapons, shoot, and kill everyone. These monsters and zombies will become tougher with each level, so be sure to kill them all. All creatures are powerful, and you must eliminate them in order to access the next map. Later, bosses will come in the field, so preserve your ammunition and eliminate them all.

There are 4 heroes, and 3 of them may be bought. The "player daily XP" points you earn at the conclusion of a level are used to create a "daily ranking table" at the end of the day. The "GOLD" you acquire as a result of this ranking table may be used to purchase additional characters. Every day, this "daily ranking table" is updated.

There are 15 actual weapons, and in-game money may be used to buy and enhance them. To defeat strong creatures, one needs formidable weapons. Monsters may also be destroyed with the "Bazooka." With the "daily XPs, you have earned," enter the rating in the "daily ranking table." With the "Gold" you earn on this table, which is refreshed daily, you may purchase new heroes.

How to play?

  • WASD = move
  • Left-click = shoot
  • Right-click = switch camera
  • U = bazooka
  • R = reload
  • C = crouch
  • 1 2 3 = switch weapons

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