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Description brings an extremely interesting and attractive entertainment gaming space. Here you have to find food to survive and join players around the world.

In you must eat in order to develop and live. You live by consuming food and other creatures. You develop more rapidly the more you consume. If you survive being eaten before then, you might transform from a weak mouse to a strong dragon!

You first start off as a little mouse that crawls over the battlefield while consuming berries to help you develop. Consume everything you can to increase in size and take control of the battlefield by devouring your adversaries! Will you rule the group of mice, or will the others consume you too?


  • Canadian independent developer Stan Tatarnykov is the creator of the game


  • iOS, Android, and desktop and mobile web browsers


In, how many animals are there?

There are 117 playable creatures available right now, including uncommon species.

What animal in has the highest strength?

One of the Mope creatures that are regarded as being the most OP is the King Dragon. It occupies the position as the top predator together with the Black Dragon.

Which animal in is the rarest?

Some unusual creatures are the result of pure luck. The Pakistani Macaw, which may pass for any other species and has a one in 3,000 chance of spawning, is likely the rarest bird.

In, how can I advance quickly?

ingest the food appropriate to your kind. There are several edibles, and each one gives the player a varied amount of XP.

How to play

  • To move, use the left mouse button.
  • Eat meals and play games to grow, and remain alive by drinking water.
  • Beware of the players with red outlines!

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