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My Craft: Craft Adventure

About My Craft: Craft Adventure


A boy stuck in Minecraft is waiting for your help. Join now the game My Craft: Craft Adventure use your sword to overcome all obstacles to save the boy.

How to control the game well

To control your character Steve, you will use the right and left arrow keys to move, the up arrow key to jump, and the space bar to attack.

You must reach the end of each level while avoiding traps and other obstacles, and directly attack pigs and other opponents, as the game ends when your health bar is depleted. Instead, you can get coins by attacking the pigs or by collecting them along the route.

You have the potential to earn a total of three stars at the end of each level; therefore, you should make an effort to get them all, no matter where they are located. Take advantage of platforms, pedals, and any other material that may be helpful to you to pass the levels.

You can use the money to buy a variety of skins for your characters, as well as new weapons to add to their arsenal. Get started right now and make sure you're around as we're always working to bring you even more great new games!

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