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Ninja Shurican


About Ninja Shurican


Ninja Shurican is a game in the same style as the famous game called Flappy Bird. But in this game, the experience is extremely new and much more dramatic.

By avoiding moving traps, jumping over spikes that make you angry, and cutting through armies of terrible demons with your samurai katana sword, this dodging game will give you a taste of survival. The danger in Hell!

Face your anger because you will keep dying as your ninja warrior tries to avoid the knives. To climb the leaderboard in this entertaining rampage game and show your friends that you are the best ninja warrior, mastering all fighting techniques, keep jumping over obstacles, and sniping enemies. Enemy enemies from afar with ninja stars, push demons to spikes, and seek ninja survival in endless obstacle levels.

Features in Ninja Shurican

  • Dodging traps and battling demons
  • Endless survival mode to put your abilities to the test
  • Samurai swords and throwing stars are two fantastic weapons.
  • Handmade levels to put your reflexes to the test
  • Leaderboards and achievements
  • Unlocking little ninja warriors

How to play

  • Click to play.

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