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Nubik vs Herobrin's Army

About Nubik vs Herobrin's Army


Nubik vs Herobrine Army is a thrilling fighting game where you have to prepare yourself to be strong. Craft weapons and use them to destroy your enemies.

Once again, Herobrin is up to no good! Because Satan took Nubik's brother hostage and unleashed an army of horrific creatures onto the world, Nubik is now obligated to confront all of these foes in order to rescue his brother. You have the opportunity to assist him in destroying evil by joining his quest and fighting with him. You may begin the missions by following the instructions outlined in the tutorial. As you go throughout the area, you may use your sword to destroy various items. Boxes may be smashed to make new pathways appear. Make use of the bow to go to the apple that is high up in the tree, and then shot it. You are now prepared to take on the real challenge! Take a step outdoors and get ready for the opening wave of the enemy's assault. By following the arrows, you will be able to determine both their direction and their distance. Move closer to an opponent and swing your sword at them as you get closer. At this moment, having perfect timing may save people's lives. Do not let the monsters get into contact with Nubik; instead, strike him and then retreat before delivering another blow. You can level up your sword by matching weapons from different levels, and you may purchase additional upgrades to increase your abilities.

How to play Nubik vs Herobrine Army

Arrow keys or WASD to attack while walking

Crafting Weapons using the Left Mouse Button

To get an upgrade, drag the weapons in your inventory onto the identical weapon in your inventory. In the event that you choose to engage in combat via the display of your mobile device, then.

The on-screen joystick is used to provide control during the walking animation. This is the button that looks like a sword on the screen.

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