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NYT Wordle

About NYT Wordle


The famous crossword puzzle NYT Wordle is influenced by the Mastermind jigsaw puzzle. Josh Wardle is the man who invented and produced this amazing game.

Find the hidden word in the daily NYT Wordle puzzle. It is both simple to grasp and difficult. Although it's not quite that simple, you can use all the letters to make as many words as you like.

Your vocabulary and memorization skills will be tested in this game. When typing words, there are three different highlight colors, one for each type of letter: While yellow indicates that these terms are present but not at all in the target phrase, green indicates that they are present but are in the right place. It's all done for now. You must learn the key phrase if you want to succeed (all letters are green).


Players must properly guess a five-letter word in six tries to win the game. Following each guess, a letter is given one of three colors green, yellow, or gray. Gray indicates that the letter is entirely missing from the response, whereas yellow and gray indicate that it is there but not in its right location. Only if the same letter also occurs more than once in the answer will multiple instances of a letter in a guess, such as the "o"s in "robot," be highlighted in green or yellow. Excessive letter repetitions will be highlighted in gray if not. Players must accurately identify the letters that are highlighted in green and yellow in order to play the game in "hard mode."

How to play better?

It will be challenging to have any hints directing you where to begin when you are new to the game. Just keep in mind that you may always rearrange the tiles or choose a word that is already in the alphabetical sequence if this happens. Through practice, your gaming skill will advance day by day. To play better, you can read books and pick up new terms. You may use Wordle online to help you remember words and their spellings.

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