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Odd Bot Out

About Odd Bot Out


In the game Odd Bot Out, you take part in an escape adventure of a robot guy. Try to help him escape from this scary robot manufacturing facility.

Unique graphics

The game's 2D graphics are simple but extremely attractive. The main character is wonderfully simulated. In the game, you can differentiate between types of robots, items, and surroundings. In addition, the game also has many sound effects and background music suitable for the scenario and context of the game.

Factory escape mission

You have to help a little robot in the game Odd Bot Out escape from the robot factory. However, getting out of there is not simple! The Factory is filled with complex maps and challenging obstacles. For the robot to be successful, you will need to apply your intelligence, use the objects you position, connect circuits, and press the appropriate buttons. Don't worry, the hint feature will assist you if you run into trouble.

Some tips in Odd Bot Out game

Check objects near you. because they can serve the purpose of overcoming obstacles. The wheel can be used as a bridge, the tube can be used as a flashlight, the cap can be used as a pestle, etc.

Connect electrical circuits to turn on doors, lights, fans, and other devices. Circuits can be made using wires, batteries, magnets, LEDs, etc.

To modify the state of an object use the mouse. Examples of this include pressing spikes, turning levers, and moving blocks. The button pressing can be done with a variety of objects, including balls, boxes, robots, and more.

There may be more than one method to overcome the barrier at each level, so try some different answers. Your intelligence and creativity can be harnessed to come up with novel and exciting solutions to problems.

If you get stuck on a certain level, use the hint feature. To see the solution at that level, tap the light bulb icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.

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