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Pacman Full Screen

About Pacman Full Screen


Start Pacman Full Screen game to enjoy a full-screen version of Pacman game. You control a yellow round character trying to eat all the white dots on the map.

Game graphics

The visuals of the Pacman Full Screen game are an improved version of the original Pacman graphics. The graphics in this game are clear and colorful, with a variety of colors and lighting effects. To make the screen fit your device, you can also adjust its size. The game's levels have many different backgrounds, from space to cities.

Game missions

Your goal is to eat all the white dots on the map. You must move skillfully on the map. Furthermore, you must avoid being caught by ghosts of different colors. The game has many different levels with increasingly more difficult challenges. In this game, try to pass as many levels as possible.

Some tips in the game Pacman Full Screen

  • Consume each white dot on the map starting from the bottom, as this is the hardest area to escape from. Consume fruits whenever possible as they will help you get a lot of bonus points.
  • Take advantage of underground passages to escape or capture spirits in their flight.
  • Observe the colors and behavior of the ghosts. Each ghost hunts and patrols in its way.
  • When there are many ghosts, eat big dots. When ghosts are scared, eat as much as possible.
  • To increase the time it takes to kill the ghost, leave a few white dots at the end.
  • To switch to full-screen mode, use the spacebar on the display settings screen.

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