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Parakite Ninja

About Parakite Ninja


Parakite Ninja is a fun and unique action game. You accompany the ninja character on his adventures. Many interesting things are waiting for you to discover!

Game character

In the action-adventure game Parakite Ninja, you will play the role of a ninja with the ability to fly in the sky with a kite.

Game goal

You have several missions to complete, such as freeing prisoners, eliminating enemies, collecting objects, and traveling around the planet. You can personalize your ninja to fit your style and unlock a variety of weapons and kites.

Game graphics

The game has manga-style 3D images with vivid colors. Along with a variety of locations and landscapes, the game includes cities, forests, deserts, and seas.


  • Use the arrow keys A, D, W, and S to move
  • Left click to attack.
  • To change your weapon type, press the number key.
  • You can accelerate while flying by pressing the Space key.

Some tips in this game

Take advantage of the scenery by using a kite to soar into the air. To determine wind direction and strength, look at the wind bar in the upper right corner.

Choose the appropriate weapon for each situation. By using the number keys, you can switch weapon types. Each type of weapon has its characteristics as well as advantages and disadvantages. For example, swords have short range, high damage, and slow attack speed. On the other hand, darts have long-range, fast attack speed, and low damage.

Complete goals to gain experience and rewards. To view the prerequisites and status of the quest, view the quest panel located in the upper left corner.

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