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Parkour Block 3

About Parkour Block 3


Parkour Block 3 is a first-person game that no one can ignore. The attraction of this game has been confirmed all the time no one can deny it.

Are you ready to enter the world of Minecraft and learn how to conquer numerous challenges along the way? You'll find yourself in a big blocky world whole of surprises! Prepare to begin a new game named Blocky Parkour 3. Go to the obstacle course and demonstrate your whole skill set. Everything was fundamental in the first two portions of the game, but things have changed now. Difficulty has arisen, and not everyone can efficiently complete all the stages. What are you waiting for if you want to be kickass parkour? Let's get this party started!

The game comprises a large number of stages that you must complete. Each successive level will take place in a different area. To get past them, you must first find the gateway marked on the map by a purple light. However, don't expect it to be simple to locate her. There will be solid lava beneath your feet, and if you make a mistake, you may land up in it. As a result, extreme caution should be exercised. You must visit 43 different sites in all, which is considerable.

How to play Parkour Block 3:

  • SPACE - leap
  • WASD - move
  • L. SHIFT - run
  • Double Escape
  • Menu Desktop: Make contact

Wish you the most comfortable and wonderful entertainment moments. Be a happy player.

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