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Parkour Block 3D

About Parkour Block 3D


Prove your combined movement skills in the Parkour Block 3D game. You need to overcome obstacles by using running, jumping, climbing, and spinning skills.

Parkour is a sport in which players must overcome obstacles by jumping, climbing, running and spinning. Parkour was developed by the French army in the early 20th century. Parkour requires players to be flexible, creative, agile and confident. Parkour can help improve players' physical, mental and life skills. In the game Parkour Block 3D, you will have to control your character to do it on square blocks.

There are a total of 35 different levels in this game waiting for you to explore. Each stage has its own gameplay and context. You can choose one of four available characters to start the journey. Additionally, you can change the color of your cube and character.


Arrow keys or WASD are used to move. The spacebar is used to jump and the shift key is used to sprint. You can use the mouse to rotate the 3D camera.

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