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Parkour Race


About Parkour Race


Parkour Race is an action game that simulates the popular sport of Parkour. If you are a fan of this sport, you can entertain yourself with this game right now!

Game features

Game missions

Playing colorful and difficult parkour races with other players is your goal in this game. To defeat your opponents, you must apply your abilities.

Character skills

To improve your speed and score, you can sprint, jump, slide over obstacles, and perform acrobatics. Additionally, you can develop your style by unlocking new characters, outfits, and abilities.

Game goal

You must aim to finish first or at least among the top three players.

Some tips in the Parkour Race game

  • Jump as high as you can to overcome obstacles and collect gems and coins. To jump higher, press and hold the jump key.
  • For more difficult courses, you should use assistive devices such as rockets, springs, or jetpacks. Use cash and jewelry to buy them or locate them while on the run.
  • When you complete levels, you can get new characters, costumes, and abilities, or you can buy them with coins and gems.

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