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Penguin Diner

About Penguin Diner


Penguin Diner is the first game that gives you the feeling of owning a famous restaurant in town and serving customers. Do your best to make your shop famous

Prepare to operate your restaurants and serve penguin guests in Penguin Diner! Penny, the lost Penguin, has been stranded on an ice mountain and wants to earn some money to return home. As a result, she obtained work as a manager at a neighborhood diner.

Can you assist her with waitressing because this is her first time in this industry? Penny, the penguin who is broke, has entered a new age! She eventually got a job in your restaurant as a waitress. As a caring owner, you should assist her in learning the job and becoming accustomed to it. It might be tough to handle, but you can earn a substantial amount of money if it works! Customers will pour through your door as soon as the day begins, and you must be prepared to run out of energy!

Features in Penguin Diner:

  • 2D images with vibrant colors
  • Buying products from the game's store
  • 3 restaurants in which to work
  • Controls are simple.

How to play Penguin Diner:

  • Select the arriving clients and then seat them at a table by clicking on one of the available tables.
  • Wait until they've decided on something, then click on the customers to accept their order.
  • You may view the order on the service table when it's ready.
  • Serve the meal and collect the money! Complete the goal income while also redecorating the restaurant with your excess money!
  • You'll be moving to another cafe after the tenth level to enhance your chances of success. Best of luck, and have a great time playing!

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