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Pet Trainer Duel


About Pet Trainer Duel


Pet Trainer Duel is a unique game where you transform into a trainer for obese cats. These cats are really fat, please help them get back to the right weight.

In Pet Trainer Duel, assist your fluffy companions in becoming fit! You have a fascinating and unusual profession. People flock to you for assistance with their fluffy dogs' weight-loss needs. Come now and learn more about this fascinating task and how it is carried out.

You will be running alongside adorable kittens in this platformer game whose owners have stopped by to ask for your assistance. Your responsibility as a cat trainer is to build platforms for chubby kittens that will push them to work hard and shed some pounds. However, these platforms are intended to balance the cats' work, so they will also have some easy pathways and fish for them to eat. To get the cat to the end of the platform, you must select the appropriate alternatives and routes based on its weight at the time. Do your best to prevent them from becoming obese since in that case, they won't additionally be able to cross glass bridges. You should get along with your kitten just fine once you return to your usual weight, and you'll have successfully finished the job.

Release Date

  • January 05, 2023


  • RHM Interactive developed Pet Trainer Duel.


  • Stunning 2D visuals
  • After failing, see a rewarded advertisement to continue the game.
  • User-friendly controls
  • Two-player mode is offered.

How to play

  • Move press A- D or press the keyboard

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