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About Pixel


Play Pixel is a great game where you have to collect balls of the same color to grow and fight with other colors. Make sure you get bigger to win!

Pixel is an HTML5 game hosted by that can be played in Safari and Chrome. You can use all of the phone information as well as the computer table to play games (Samsung, iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android device). Pixel has proven to be one of the most interesting new arcade games this year, with addictive gameplay and a 3D pixel graphic look. Don't miss out on this one if you like io games! You'll be able to control a pixel person created from thousands of pixel balls. Your goal is to merge other pixel individuals on the street who are the same color as you while avoiding different-colored opponents.

This is a hazardous undertaking. Are you all set? You know, no matter what kind of impediment you come across, you must still devote a portion of your body to the overpass. Good luck and have a good time! The mobile game is liked by 94.79 percent of the 333 players.

How to play Pixel

  • Move fast and eat balls of the same color to grow up quickly.
  • Avoid other colored balls that are bigger than you; only then can you survive.
  • When you destroy enemies of different colors, you can't eat their balls, so you choose balls of the same color and fight with them to collect the most balls, grow strong you will be the winner.

It all seems easy, but it's not. When you don't want to fight, there will also be other shadow people coming to fight with you, so try to eat as many balls of the same color to grow up and fight quickly

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