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Pizza Challenge


About Pizza Challenge


Pizza Challenge is a very interesting game where it gives you a new feeling. You have to compete for pizza parts with your opponent quickly if you want to win.

Are these the people who adore pizza but refuse to share it? Try to grab the various pizzas that arrive at your table in slices before your friend. To grab the slices, hold them right in the center. The player with the most slices on each pizza wins the game. You can compete against a friend or a computer. Let the battle begin. To grab the pizza slice before your friend, you must move your character's hand carefully but quickly. During each match, the first person to grab five slices of pizza wins! You can also practice against an AI opponent if you want. Will you be able to win the Pizza Challenge?

Release Date

  • January 2019


  • A fun two-player game in which you must swiftly retrieve pizza pieces.
  • You may play against a computer opponent.
  • Various pizza variations

How to play

  • Player 1 uses W to grab
  • Player 2 uses up arrow to grab

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