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About Plactions


Plactions is an exciting multi-level action puzzle game. In this game, your task is to help the character Plax escape from a mysterious and scary space.

Your duties

To complete each level, you must teleport, rotate gravity, turn on lasers, run fast, and jump. Actions have a limited shelf life, so you must weigh your options before taking them. This is a funny and entertaining puzzle game so play it happily and without stress.

Plax character

He is a creative person. When he tries out his newly built time machine, he finds himself in a strange universe. He was stuck in a large space and wanted to return. So you should use your intelligence to help him escape from these dark spaces.

Some tips

  • Because action buttons can change the game's environment and items, you should consider your actions before taking them.
  • Take advantage of all the items available to you at each level. Includes wheel, balloon, and box. They allow you to move quickly, push blocks, jump high, and do more.
  • Hints at each level such as arrows, signs, lights, etc. should be followed. They can help you receive guidance or take appropriate action.

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